Quiet a while back, i pre-ordered Enlisted (so you got to play an alpha version of the game, yet i always recommend people not to do that lol). Knowing the publishers from War Thunder, yet enlisted is not developed by Gaijin themselves but by Darkflow Studio (not gonna lie, never heard from that studio). Let us take a look at enlisted and see if it is actualy good or not.

Enlisted is an MMO squad-based shooter, but rather than playing with actual teammates, your squad members are AI that fight by your side. This unique approach gives Enlisted the feeling that you are participating in huge a** battles with hundreds of enemies in front of you. Taking you to the outskirts of Moscow, all the way to Normandy and even Berlin. Fighting for the Russians, Americans, or the Germans providing you with unique upgrades and unit abilities depending on what type of squad you chose to take into battle. Squads can range from regular infantry, engineers, scouts, stormtroopers to actual tanks and planes. these tanks and planes will fight on the same battlefield as the regular infantry, giving you that extra bit of immersion when a plane flights low over your head shooting its rockets 50m in front of you. One thing that enlisted succeeded in big time, is immersion.

What did I really love when playing enlisted? Knowing that I am a big history nerd and especially when it comes to WW2, the game lets you play squads that actually were part of a division that is represented in-game. The number of upgrades you get when you level up are scaled nicely as well, giving you access to a new division or even new vehicles. Graphical-wise the game looks great with smoke clouds all over the place, blood and gore are also in the game giving you even more of that sweet imersion. I love the general setting of the game and look forward to where they are going to take it in the future!

But like in a marriage, it is not always good times happy times… Enlisted has some really, really rough edges. The AI is horrendous at times, and the next moment they no scope you from 2km in 0.2sec. Making absolutely no sense at all. The sound could be improved as well as it is in quality a big step down from the graphical side of the game. Oh and I told you guys that I pre-ordered the game right? So I paid even before the game got released. And you know what? I have to pay again for when I want to play beta campaigns of the game… like bro wtf? Please for the love of God don’t make this another microtransaction simulator because the game has too much potential for being dropped by players after a year or 2!

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