Ubisoft was back at it again this year with its “Ubisoft Forward” show, showing of their latest projects to the audience. A day before the stream, Ubisoft teased us with a small clip of Anton Castillo smoking a cigar and the caption: “Anton would not be pleased… #FarCry“. This (together with the massive leakes) confirmed Ubisoft was developing its next Far Cry title.

Far Cry 6 will be played in the fictional nation island of Yara were the dictator Anton Castillo is in power, using extreme measures to bring his nation back to its former prosperity. To accomplish this, he will sacrifice the freedom and lives of anyone who is a threat to his legitimacy. forcing those opposing him into labor camps were they will never be seen or heared from again. Resistance ismouting up in the nation of Yara, but it remains devided and without unified leadership. This needs to change in order to oppose the dictator.

Comparing it with its previous far cry games, this task will lay on your shoulders. You will be playing as Dani Rojas, giving you the choice to play either as a male or female. The choices you make in your journey will have big impacts on how the game progresses. The companion for hire system from Far Cry 5 will also be making a return in Far Cry 6. Giving you the option to hire animal companions to fight with (or for) you. One of this animal companion you can hire is called Chorizo, the “dangerously distracting weiner dog”, and oh boy does he look fun.

Following another Ubisoft leak, and confirmed at its reveal, Far Cry 6 will be released on februari 18, 2021. It will be avaidable on PC, PS4, XBOX ONE, XBOX SERIES X, and Google Stadia.

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