Today EA dropped their new fifa 21 trailer with some additional information about their next fifa entry. We will take a closer look at those new features.

Gameplay changes

The major change within the gameplay is an all-new dynamic attacking system. One of the biggest problems within Fifa 20 gameplay in our opinion was the incapable AI when it came to the attacking capability.

Some new features are called the agile dribbling (more control and responsiveness in one-on-one situations, and new skill moves), Positioning Personality (AI positioning is reworked so that attackers will stay behind the last defender, or hunt for space so they can attack between the lines), creative runs ( influencing team’s movement off the ball) and some more small features.

Career Mode changes

Finally EA listens to what their audience asked for these past 4 years. Some big and new changes to the Fifa Career Mode. In Fifa 21 you will be able to simulate your matches on a whole new level. Jump in and out matches to influence the game to your liking. For example, when you are losing a match in the 80th minute, and you are awarded a penalty. to make sure your team puts the ball in the net, you can take over control and take the penalty yourself. Whilst simulating the game, you will have to monitor game statistics like performance levels and stamina. Also a new player growth system is implemented to shape up your squad. Also a new attribute is added to the game called “Match Sharpness“what indicates how ready your players are in key moments in the match. The last big change in career mode will be more transfer options for reinforcing your team.

FUT moneygrab changes

The gamemode everyone loves, and so does EA. This moneymaker will get another “update” as well (probably a big reskin) with the only change in gamemodes being a co-op mode for division rivals en squad battle matches. You will also be able to customize your teams look both on the pitch and in the stands.

Volta Football changes

Some nice Volta changes have been announced as well. The (secret) promise from last years Volta gamemode were everyone expected to play Fifa street football with their friends online, was not delivered. This year it is confirmed that online multiplayer will be an option for Volta. Bringing you and your friends to the street for a quick game. Beside that, we can expect some more customisation options for the players as well.

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