This one was amazing, no literally amazing. Hades is… amazing. Playing this game for days and days forgetting about time and date. Yeah okay I will play for another round, just one quick round. Three hours later and you are still behind your screen. Yeah, it is that kind of game.

What is Hades?

Hades is a roguelike with some RPG elements where story and gameplay are so well balanced out. You play as Zagreus, prince of the underworld and son of the old nagging guy at the desk (play the game to understand that reference, please do!) and you are willing to risk all (all those hours for you) to escape from the depths of the underworld. Together with your distant relatives from Olympus you will try to reach “the surface”, and trust me this does not go in one go (or even 50 goes).


With its gameplay, Hades is really, really unforgiving yet amazingly fun. Your main mission is to escape from hell and of course, this will not go easily. Each time you start a run, you get to chose a boon that gives your weapons a godlike powerup (there is even a powerup to give your foes a hangover, and man there is no need for a god to make you feel that way). from thereon you will need to face off against tons of levels filled with foes. finishing a level gives you a door to the next level revealing (or giving you the choice) what kind of reward is in store for you when clearing that level from al its foes. This way you will be able to upgrade your character and its weapons so you can take on more, and more powerful foes and a ton of really hard to complete boss fights. These levels are very well made and the types of enemies are as well. You cant describe how it feels when you die for the 10th time in a row because one of those small little buggers keeps dashing your way and your reaction time was to slow, trust me it can be frustrating sometimes. The other part of the unforgiving gameplay hades possesses is that once you die, you have to start all over again. That makes it even more fun, HAH YEAH FUN.


Hades’ story is surprisingly well done. You would think that because it is a roguelike game, that its story would be more refined and not really first shelf content. But in Hades, every single character is voice acted with a great addition to the “escape from hell” story. Normally games reward your progression with addition to the story but in Hades this is different. See the game rewards your failure (finally a game on my level it seems). This may sound weird but with each time you die and fail, you get sent back to your father’s court. Giving you the option to talk to your father (the old nagging man at the desk) or other characters that fill his court. This will give you more information about the story that progresses and giving you the option to upgrade certain abilities. On the story itself, I will not go really into that because I don’t want to spoil anything of it, so therefore you really need to try it out yourselves.

Graphics and sound

The graphics are really one of my favorite when it comes to its genre. Really giving you that ancient greek mythology, dark, hell-like feeling. Spirits roaming trough your father’s court, with blood fountains pouring from the walls to the green mist/bloom that surrounds the well-designed levels. The art is really (and I can’t express myself enough) well done by the developers! The soundtrack is maybe one of the lesser-known aspects of the game but therefore not lesser in quality. It makes you sit on edge when completing a level with only 5hp left and you know you have to pull off one godlike skill or another to finish that level. The fact that all characters are voice acted really brings to the immersion of the setting presented to you by Hades

Positive elementes:

  • Great story-gameplay combination
  • Cool art design
  • All characters voice-acted
  • hours and hours of “fun”

Negative elements

  • Broke my mouse 2 times


Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

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