Everyone has heard from Microsoft Flight Simulator once in their life already. When you think about flight simulators, you think of cool airplanes and hard controls. That is with the new edition from Microsoft not different. But what makes this flight simulator so much more then that is the huge technologic edge it has over its competitors. But how does it look and feel?

What makes Microsoft Flight Simulator so incredibly insane to play is its graphics. From the early morning sun flairs to the dancing nightlife lights in the late hours. Everything just looks amazing. They have implemented a fully dynamic weather system you can change to your liking (or leave it in the realistic mode were the weather is real-time) so you can fly with thunderstorms all around and raindrops rolling over your windows. And let’s not forget about the interior and exterior of the planes, all planes are rebuilt in-game to the smallest detail possible. It are these elements that make the game so incredibly beautiful, jaw-droppingly beautiful. Talking about thunder and rain, the sound is also worth mentioning. Microsoft did a great job mimicking the sound effects. Going from the sounds of the airplanes themselves to the weather effects.

Let’s not forget what made Microsoft Flight Simulator possible in the way it is brought to us now. and that is Bing maps (who the f*ck even uses Bing right?). Microsoft uses Bing maps data to stream the landscape and cities for the player to see in-game. State of the art technology? You bet it! Every single building is represented in the game as far as it goes. Do you want to fly over your own house and take a look if it is there? Sure why not, and you can be sure that you see it in some form. Not all buildings are 3D made by Microsoft themselves and therefore they made an AI that built all smaller buildings for them and that makes it possible for you to see your own house. Now, this technology still has it flaws for sure, random big structures that are not supposed to be there, roads underwater, and so on. But these are in my opinion merely minor bugs and can be fixed in future patches. Optimization wise, the game could still improve allot, we have heard that a lot of people have troubles even launching the game, even when meeting the recommended requirements. This is something Microsoft really needs to take a look at to improve the general user experience.

Positive elements

  • Amazing graphics and sound
  • State of the art technology for rendering the landscapes
  • great looking planes

Negative elements

  • Some minor bugs
  • Optimization


Rating: 4 out of 5.

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