After some extensive playing the closed beta for Rogue Company, we can safely say that the game has a lot of potential in its current form. Yet there is more to talk about.

We have to keep in mind that Rogue Company is in beta and that everything in-game is subject to change. Yet it shows much potential gameplay-wise for a good third-person tactical action shooter. It has a great variety of maps and Rogue’s, the latter having its own skills and weapons. Making for a big variation in playstyle. We feel that the developers give a lot of attention to the user experience and its feedback. For example, countering spawn killing by making you a certain amount of time immortal when you respawn.

On the other side, we have some points of notice as well for the developers. The lack of a training system is something we missed quite hard. Being able to test the big variety of Rogues without restarting the tutorial every time with that trainer screaming in your ears. The unskippable intro brought some mild irritation when you join a game for the 5th time. Change that with a loading screen showing some tips and tricks for different Rogues would be a nice change. Maybe something they need to take a look at is when a player drops out of the game and you have a 3v4 match, there is no way that the team at disadvantage gets some kind of boost to balance out the game. This can lead to many irritations and unfair game situations.

Gamemodes wise, there is not much variation yet. You have access to 2 different game modes. That being “demolition and strikeout”. In demolition, you will compete against your opposing team for domination of a point on the map. Staying an amount of time on that point with your team, and preventing the opposing team from reaching that point makes you win that round. It is important that you make a good balance between killing opponents (everyone has unlimited lives), and defending and reaching the point. making for some fun gameplay. The second game mode Strikeout gives you only one life (but can be revived) and the objective to plant a bomb at one of two sites that the defending team has to prevent. A third but unreleased game mode will be available in the full game. This game mode is called “Extraction” where the objective is to fight for control of changing objectives throughout the map.

Positive Elements

  • Fun gameplay
  • A great number of Rogues and maps
  • Shows a lot of potential for release

Negative Elements

  • Mildly irritating bugs
  • Not really balanced when players drop out of a match


Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

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