Watching all 3 John Wick movies some time ago, we wanted to experience the badass action he had ourselves. Then we were reminded that there was a game called Super Hot and that it recently had an expansion called “Superhot Mind Control Delete”. Taking this game for a spin, let’s take a look at how well it matches.

Superhot Mind Control Delete is a fun and challenging standalone expansion for Superhot. The original Superhot released in early access in February 2016 with some great reviews. It brought some fresh gameplay mechanics to a shooter style game. Time goes by very slow when you don’t move and goes in real-time when you do move. Giving you the ability to plan out every step and hit when time stands still. Eventually, when you killed everyone in that level, the game shows you at a fast pace how you killed everyone John Wick style.

With that in mind and playing trough Superhot Mind Control Delete, it feels like a good arcadelike addon for the first game. In the beginning, the levels feel very fresh and new because the game gives you different spawn points and special enemies. The game keeps this randomness further ingame with a dozen randomized levels. For the other maps, you get to know the layout of these levels and can determine the best strategy for these situations. Being able to locate the weapons is one of these advantages you gain after playing that same level for the 3rd time.

Some few downsides we experienced by playing the game were the lacking of a diversity of enemies. Yes, you have a few special enemies, but they get easy to eliminate after a while because you learn how to kill them quite fast. Also, the number of hacks and weapons is a bit on the low side. And we feel that as compensation for that, they pasted a big amount of levels behind each other so it doesn’t feel that way. Sadly it did for us. Also, what’s up with that long waiting time for finishing the last level. We understand that this is a part of the lore, but is it really necessary?

But that doesn’t make it a bad game. On the contrary, we had a lot of fun playing and the lore behind the game was also quite interesting. The game really challenges you to utilize the hacks you gain and takes away the comfort you build op in the early levels away. This makes for a challenging and hairpulling gameplay, something we can enjoy. Something we enjoyed as well was the interesting art style, simple yet very intriguing.

Positive elements

  • Fun gameplay
  • Great artstyle
  • Interesting lore

Negative Elements

  • Lack of diversity
  • catchphrase : super hot gets annoying


Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

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