Tell me why is the latest telltale adventure game from DONTNOD Entertainment, the same studio behind the quite popular “Life Is Strange” franchise. Let us take a look if it is as good.

In Tell Me Why is a story-driven game were your choices are supposed to influence the story big time. But these choices, for better or worse, are not really changing that much to the story to be fair. It feels like the developers want you to focus on the story (yeah duh of course) but therefore the game clearly indicates what it expects from the player, so it does not really feel like your choices really matter. These kinds of games need to feel like a trainstation were there are different tracks and your choice of trains and changing trains decide were you go. This game feels like a single track yet trying to give you the same feeling.

The only real difficulty in the game is the movements of the characters because they feel clunky AF what makes it at times difficult to select certain things. Yet even with the mediocre graphics (not really that different from Life Is Strange), you can quite empathize in the scenes because of the great choice of music, background sounds, and voice acting. The only thing I don’t really get is how they thought it was okay to develop this game with a broken 3rd person camera? It really sucks gameplay-wise with limited freedom of movement and camera angles.

The story itself starts quite slow in the first 2 episodes with even a few objectives that don’t actually add to the story. Yet the story is really easy to follow and you even get to know small details about the story when you really pay attention (mostly details about the game characters). In the 3rd and last episode, everything comes nicely (and surprising) together. In Tell Me Why they also don’t dodge “difficult” subjects. 1 of the 2 main characters is a transgender, homosexual character and even suicide is talked about in the game, you don’t see that every day right…

Positive elements:

  • Great story with a great ending
  • Amazing sound

Negative elements:

  • Bad movement and camera system
  • your choices don’t really matter to the story, even when the story itself is good


Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

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