We have been postponing this article for too long now. It was just… we were not emotionally ready to write about it. The Last Of Us 2 should have been the excellent successor for its first Last Of Us game, but oh boy what were we up for a surprise.

Let’s start on the positive note here. The graphics from The Last Of Us 2 are amazing. Just breathtaking when looking at the scenery, so we can only compliment Naughty Dogs’ effort in the amount of detail shown in the game and its apocalyptic environment. This all is made possible with the extraordinary lighting in the game, one of the best we have seen so far. The character models are truly realistic and so are the animations for them. The world is also very distinct with gruesome details, For instance, if you kill an enemy from the other faction. the enemy AI will scream the NPC’s name in a realistic horrific way. Talking about screaming, the sound was done very well, the sounds of weapons are distinct punchy, the different gun sounds are all excellently done. Some parts of the soundtrack are good enough although not that memorable. Optimization-wise, the game is well done as well. There are almost no bugs and the framerate was very steady throughout our whole playthrough.

Moving on to the gameplay section for our review, we can still say that this is not the breaking point for the game. The gameplay is just as (or even more) tense than the first The Last Of Us game. You constantly have to sneak around to avoid attention from enemies. These enemies can be zombies (in different forms and sizes) and other factions. One of these factions is called The Scars. A religion cultist group that tries to communicate by whistling to each other which is pretty creepy, that’s for sure. Big open maps for you to explore make the game also feel less linear, something we can appreciate for these kinds of games. The only “big” downside from the gameplay perspective was the fact that some certain the main upgrades for Ellie are found in lockers that you need to open with a combination code. but in my opinion, the main upgrades shouldn’t be locked behind side objectives. But it will push the player to explore the world more.

Even in this article, we tried postponing to talk about the story. But WTF Naughty Dog? It felt like the story writers for the 2nd Last Of Us game didn’t even know what happened in the first one! We will leave this article spoiler-free, but we can tell you that the game makes a great number of stupid decisions that make you feel… empty. Huge big plot holes in the narrative that don’t help the situation either? And don’t make us think about the ending. This felt like a big f*ck you to the audience, and a slap in your face with it.

So after all this… after this emotional rollercoaster, we can say that game mechanic wise, the game is not that bad, and in some way actually mindblowing. But the story just fucks it all up and breaks the game completely down.

Positive elements

  • Amazing graphics and sound
  • Fun and sneaky gameplay

Negative elements

  • Ruined story
  • Huge plotholes
  • Bad ending (to keep it polite)


Rating: 3 out of 5.

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