In The Political Machine 2020, you get the chance to win the American presidential elections against a political adversary on your terms. With the founding fathers DLC and the 1.3 update, the game not only gives you the option to play as one of America’s previous presidents but also allows you to create your own character.

With all the options the game gives you to win the election, it is represented visually very clearly. You can see the moves done by your adversary on the game map so you can plan out your next move even better. The interface is well done and the map shows very well where you can get more campaign money, votes,…

Gameplaywise, the game needs to balance out the serious vs meme game-style. For example, you can run as a comet but the special options it gets can’t be used for winning the election. What seems strange because why would you otherwise play as a comet? When publishing ads, the game shows you how every group in the game would react to that advertisement even when not representing the true American vision on these topics. Giving another example, the republicans, the democrats and the independent voters would react positively to a politician who wants to build a wall on the border with a neighboring country. I hardly doubt that this is how it goes in the real world. On the other hand, you really have to plan out your strategy and take targeted actions against your adversaries if you want to win the election (you can put the AI on catwalk difficulty, but that seems like a noob move bro…). A bit of American political knowledge gives you an advantage when running for president, most notably the states’ preference (are they pro democrat or republican?)

Positive elements

  • Good amount of customization
  • Good UI

Negative elements

  • To shallow for a real strategy games (its target audience)
  • not a great amount of play-value
  • Comet cannot do boom when it matters…


Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

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