Today Creative Assembly oh so graciously gave you the opportunity to claim a brand new Total War title for free (when downloaded in the first 24 hours of its release on the Epic Store). This is something that could not get past us, so we immediately downloaded it when it got released and started waging war against Troy itself. Surely it could not go wrong, can it?

Imagine a king who fights his own battles


For our first campaign, we chose Hector as our starting campaign. As usual, the game starts with you fighting of a rebel army as a tutorial (not as smooth as initially thought being an experienced Total War player), it immediately shows its similarities to Three Kingdoms Total war. And this is for sure something positive, being a good game as it was. The building system is unique, the art style for the map is astonishing and the combat feels surprisingly well balanced with good AI and not to fast-paced combat. These features are well known within the Total War games, but it also introduced new game mechanics that really call for your attention. For example, the royal decreet mechanic where you can issue a decree, giving you extra bonuses ( more wood, bronze, … factionwide). Or the divine and will mechanic lets you communicate with the gods of the Greek pantheon so you’ll be able to obtain their blessings to help you on the campaign map and during battles (bonuses for melee/armor,…). After some initial turns where we had to analyze all these new mechanics, it felt quite familiar and gameplay felt real smooth, battles on a high level immersive and a real atmospheric soundtrack.

As this is a day 1 review, we can’t give a full summary and score because we haven’t tried all yet, so therefore we will release this on a later date. We want to express the amount if initial fun we had with this game so you would download it now as well (it is free so why not?)

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