After months of silence, there is finally some light on the end of the long waiting road! Microsoft recently announced the price for its Xbox Series S console and Windows Central reporting on a release date, let’s check it out!

Just hours after the initial leak, Microsoft sends out a tweet with some big news. Next to the Xbox Series X (which is rumored to be priced at 499$), Microsoft has been designing a “small brother” console for this beast of a machine. This console will be called the Xbox Series S and priced at 299$. It seems far more compact than the Series X and will presumably be geared towards 1080p gaming with better framerates than the 4K version of the console. We expect is to be performance-wise the same as the Xbox Series X with all the next-gen features like Ray-Tracing and fast loading times with its internal SSD. Release date-wise nothing is confirmed yet but reports from Windows Central state that Microsoft’s Xbox Series will launch on November 10, 2020. Yet again this has not been confirmed by Microsoft yet, for that we will have to wait a bit longer.

Shown here in a leak is the Xbox Series S’ design. It seems to fit within its big brother with the same white design. Very interesting to see how Microsoft can fit so much new technology in such a confined space. Yet as we believe that all digital consoles can become even smaller in the future, this seems like a very nice entry-level next-gen console from Microsoft. Stay tuned for more console related news!

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